Brave Wallet doubt

Hello how are you? I wanted to ask you something. If I want to withdraw XRP from the Brave wallet to (For example: Binance, Etc…) What would I have to use?:

  • The Xrp network
  • BSC
    It is a question that has just arisen. Thank you so much, I waiting for your answers.

Hi @MdqSilva , I am well, hope you are too.

Unfortunately, Brave Wallet does not currently support the XRP network.
You will need to utilize another wallet to manage your native XRP.

Hello, thanks for answering. I make this assumption. Imagine that I pass BNB to the wallet, I want to convert it to Xrp and send it to Binance. In the exchange part I see that I can do it. But as I was asking, is it possible to send those converted xrp to other wallets? and by which Network to send it. I explain it again in case it was not understood at first.

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Although it is native, it is rare that you cannot send it elsewhere.

If I sent it by BSC, would it arrive?

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If you have XRP on Binance, you can send it to your Brave Wallet account over the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) network. Here’s a screenshot from Binance highlighting the networks supported by Brave Wallet for receiving XRP (wrapped). You can choose your preferred option here.

On Brave Wallet, please make sure Binance-Peg XRP Token is added to your Visible Assets.

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Hello, thanks you.I will try it

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