About rewards 25 BATs

Hi, I have read on the forum that it’s required at least 25BATs on a Brave working with Android. Exactly I read this from moderator “Juno”:

  • latest version of Brave for Android
  • 25 BAT accumulated in your in-browser wallet
  • after that, Verify button in BAT triangle icon at URL bar will be click-able.

I would like to understand what’s the technical difference between a Brave working on PC and a Brave working on Android. Why it’s required to accumulate 25 BATs on an Android Brave.

Thanks to everyone

That requirement was recently reduced to 15 BAT for Android devices. It used to be 25 BAT on all devices, but the requirement for PC has been dropped, and you just have to have a valid, verified Uphold account (which you can do on the Uphold site, independently of the Brave Rewards system).

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Thanks for replying. When 15 BAT goal has been reached on the Android device, will the BATs be automatically send to the Uphold Wallet or will the user have to click a button or a special feature in order to send them to the Uphold wallet?

Thanks rosiecar

After you reach 15 BAT on your device, you will be able to set up and verify your Uphold wallet. After you complete this, the BAT should automatically transfer to your Uphold wallet. There is a bug, though, that sometimes prevents the BAT from transferring automatically, or it does so incompletely. The Brave devs are working on a fix.


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