Multiples problems ( BATS, sync, ads)

Hello, i make this post because i installed Brave on my phone like half a year ago. Today, on my Android (SM-G975F) i have 66.940 BAT. My wallet is verified, BUT, i only have 4.69 BAT on my Uphold Brave card.

SO, I just don’t know how can i transfer my 66.940 BAT to my Uphold Brave card, my last payment from BraveDevelopers was in April, and on my mobile, i don’t get anymore ads and gain BAT anymore…

So i decided to sync it with my computer, so i installed Brave today on it, i created a brave account, i sync my pc and my phone, i sync too with Uphold just in case, and now : my pc have 4.690 BAT, when i click on rewards. Wallet Verified. My phone have 66.940 BAT when i tap rewards. Wallet Verified too. They’re sync together to the same uphold account. I don’t gain anymore BAT, and my Android rewards (my 66.940 BAT) are stucked because it’s been 6 months i wait them to go to my uphold wallet and don’t want to lose all of that.

Proofs are uploaded here