Why Do Topsites Disappear?

It’s hard enough to finally get one of my often-used sites to show up on the Topsites page, but now this has become a real issue. I’ll have six topsites, close Brave, then next time I open it, one will be missing completely, and another will have lost its pin. What’s going on with this? Why do they disappear, why do they unpin themselves?

I’m using the most recent Brave, 1.14.84 on a Mac using OS Mojave 10.14.6

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Four days and no one has any comment, idea about how to get it to work, or knows if the Brave people will get around to fixing this?

I had six topsites a few days ago, now it’s down to three! And each one was pinned! What’s going on???

I see I’m apparently having a conversation with myself… not what I intended, but it may get boring, at least for one of us…

But what is up with the Topsites feature??? You can’t create them manually, and when they do appear, and even though I pin the ones I want, every time I open a new tab, one or more of them will be gone! Then I open a new tab later, and a couple that were gone are back, but a different one or two are gone! This is becoming a bit dizzying… Why can’t it just work properly?

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