Brave Slows down my Pc

I use Brave fo a while now and was stastified with the whole Programm. Up until a few Days ago as Brave started to get a bit slower until i noticed that it somehow brings my Harddirve to 100% usage. My Whole Pc gets slowed down to the Point where even playing Music starts to lag.

I don’t really know how to reproduce this Problem. I just open the Browser and after 1 to 2 Minutes it just puts my Harddrivev to the Max.
I tried to close every Tab and just Opend it with a Fresh Tab. Even then it happens.

I Need to close the Process with the Taskmanager after Closing the Browser to get my Pc to work normally again.

I hope you can Help me with this Problem so i can use Brave again properly.

**Operating System and Brave Version: 0.69.132 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 **

I use the newest Version of Windows 10 with a Eight-Core Processor 4.00GHz and 24Gb Ram

I’m not really an expert, but you should probably try to reinstall Brave.
How old is your PC? I have had similar issue with different programs on my very old laptop (which is now long gone in the trash so I don’t remember how I solved the problem).

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I try to Keep my Pc Pretty Up-to-date. I tried the Reinstall and it Looks like it helped. Thanks for the Help.

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Please let us know if you believe you’re encountering this again on your PC.