Got 0.694 BAT for 115 ads

Hi everyone, at the moment I got 0.694 BAT for 115 ads.

I don’t think it is normal.

Help me please.

seems about right, most ads pay around 0.005 bat so roughly 200 ad per 1 bat.

What? But the other months, on average, I received 5 BAT per month.
This month I will get around 1.5 BAT.
There is something wrong.

You don’t always receive the same amount of ads in a month and not all ads pay the same. The two values I see the most are .005 and .01 but I think I see less of the .01 these days. I’ve been doing this abut 3 months and each month has been different by a noticeable amount. Just like some days I may get 15-20 notification ads and other’s only 3… it varies, always has.

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