Bottom Search Bar Option

Add an option for a bottom search bar like in the new iOS 15 update for safari. Brave is a functional focused browser and this would be an incredible addition for one-handed functionality

This is the reason I don’t use Brave on iOS, the new tab and search bar in Safari is phenomenal for my RSI, much less reaching necessary when using one hand.

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Having the search bar at the bottom is the best new change in safari. I can’t use the search bar above anymore with my 13 Pro Max.

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I too would love to see this design element come as an option for Brave on iOS. It was one of the best things Apple did to mobile Safari in years… no reason for Brave not to shamelessly copy it :slight_smile:

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I was looking for this setting also for my iPhone as I had an Oppo. And guess what?

Is already a feature. It ain’t on appearances. Is the plus symbol down the bottom of the screen lol

Firefox also implemented the toggle to give the choice: upper or lower address bar, I wish we could have the option to have the address bar on bottom too

Indeed this is a “need” feature in iOS. You can easily manage and surf with one hand.
I want to believe that brave devs will implement this soon.

would like this feature as well thanks