Why is there no image blocking in the Brave browser?

internet have a lot of strange pages with a lot of photos or even consist only of images (with hyperlinks)

blocking images function will significantly SPEED UP browsing. it will SAVE OUR TIME, MOBILE DATA and MOBILE STORAGE (not everyone has unlimited internet it’s first, and second, operators are increasingly refusing unlimited internet. we need to prepare for the worst)

Well, for example
There is a certain site that I go to often
I don’t want to upload photos every time
I need to find out some information (I have to find out quickly) and I don’t need to download pictures

Adding “Block Image” feature will make life easier for people and you will improve your product



Unfortunately, for the time being you can do it via an extension only.

You talking only about mobile, right?

Cause on desktop there is: Settings > Security and Privacy > Site and Shield Settings > Images

yes right. on iOS ( I choose iOS tag)
iOS request