Auto Hide/Show the Toolbar in Fullscreen

On MacOS in Safari, when you are fullscreen, you have the option to hide the toolbar which automatically hides and shows when you move the cursor to the top region of the screen.

I know there is a Chrome experimental build that implements this (although not that well) and it would be great to see it come to Brave and/or one of the Beta Builds at least as an option to turn on.

This feature is important, especially to laptops with limited screen real estate and can help remove the distraction of the toolbar when reading an article or say watching YouTube. Every modern browser should get the UI out of the way in my opinion.

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thank you.

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I’m definitely all for this and was surprised to find it isn’t the default behaviour.

Exactly what I joined the community to suggest … it’s well-implemented in the new Edge browser and would be a welcome addition to Brave.

Checked out edge chromium and also agree that this should be implemented, though I prefer it behave like it did in internet explorer as it’s too sluggish and slow in edge chromium.