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I still have an amount of about $20 $ETH on my Brave Wallet that I would like to pay out. However, every time I try to withdraw, it tells me that my balance is insufficient, even though the fee is between $1 and $2. The fee is always added to my balance, so it’s balance + fee, which doesn’t make sense because I could have $1,000 in my wallet and my balance still wouldn’t be enough. Can someone please help me? Thanks.

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@PlanetHavana When you say fee, what are you looking at?

Like assuming you’re saying about $20 in ETH, that would be approximately 20 USD = 0.04332 ETH according to quick website check.

Gas fee fluctuates, but the exact moment I’m writing this, gas fee is 19 GWEI.
1 GWEI = 0.000000001 ETH
I do believe it runs on ERC-20, so you’d be looking at 21,000 units.
21,000 * 19 (GWEI gas fee per unit) = 399,000 GWEI for you to access.
399,000 * 0.000000001 ETH = 0.000399

So now in your balance, you’d not be able to withdraw your entire 0.04332 ($20), you’d have to subtract from it your 0.000399 in gas fees, which would be like 0.042921 ($19.81)

Of course, those numbers above can change. Like when I first started writing, it was 19 GWEI as base. But later today it might go up to 40-60+ GWEI. So the math is always important to do.

Main thing though is if you’re trying to completely move ALL of your ETH out, then you’re going to be failing as you need to use some ETH for your fees.

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Thank you very much, that makes sense, so deduct the fee from my balance first. It works :slight_smile:

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@PlanetHavana Yep. And maybe I should have given you a little warning to think of. You NEED ETH if you’re going to be sending or swapping any crypto in Brave Wallet. So if you empty out your ETH now, if you ever end up with anything else in Brave Wallet you want to access, you’ll have to buy more ETH, which often can have steep fees. So I wouldn’t fully deplete it if it’s not too late. I mean, unless you plan on doing nothing else with it or don’ t mind paying the extra money to buy more ETH later. Just keep in mind to buy more later means wasting $9-17+ in fees OR having to send it back to your Brave Wallet, which means burning more gas fees to do it.

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