I Someone help me

I sent ETH to my Brave wallet, the address are correct. However, I have no ETH in either wallet. It’s shows as zero confirmations

TX ID 0x324cae3da8da7664415c98ebb4fdaec125fdcdde8912d0193cfb53bee95a7feb

@Crypt0Monster Hopefully you didn’t do what Dave4 mentioned. They are a scammer and I’m flagging it now. Hold on and support will be helping you here in a bit.

Actually, if you look it up, it’s still in the midst of going. It might be because you didn’t put enough gas on it. If you track, it shows at https://etherscan.io/tx/0x324cae3da8da7664415c98ebb4fdaec125fdcdde8912d0193cfb53bee95a7feb that it’s still pending.

And if I see it right, you put 41 GWEI ($1.57) for your gas. Current prices are about 99 GWEI ($3.76). This means it will move very slow. It’s always very important to keep track of current gas prices and to send with the appropriate gas.

@Evan123 @onyb @Mattches could any of you confirm that? And remind me, what happens if the gas offer is too low? Any way to reclaim it or adjust? I really need to have you guys give me a crash course one of these days, lol

Hello - Yes, that is correct. The gas paid is around 41 gwei, so if gas prices drop to that level it will likely go through. If gas prices do not drop in the short-term, then it may fail and you’ll need to retry the transaction.

No I didn’t thank you. I’m in a virtual class so I can chat on the computer but can’t talk in the phone

sorry. so it’s been several hours since I sent the ETH. How long does it usually take to fail? so I can send it again? do you know?

For posterity, just want to add to what @Saoiray wrote that you can always re-submit the same transaction with a higher fees which upon confirmation would evict the pending one from the mempool.

But looks like your transaction has now been confirmed, so congrats on paying only half the gas price!

That worked Thank you guys!