Brave Wallet - Transactions not going through

Description of the issue:

When trying to transact, in Brave wallet, nothing happens: This happens when I try to:

  • Sell an NFT on Opensea
  • Accept an offer for my NFT on Opensea
  • Transfer ETH to a different address

The transactions stay in “Submitted” status forever and cannot be found on Etherscan

How can this issue be reproduced?

  • Try to Sell NFT on Opensea
  • Try to accept Purchase Offer on Opensea
  • Try to transfer ETH to a different address

Brave Version (check About Brave):

v 1.32.113

Additional Information:

Please help with this problem, as all my funds in Brave wallet are currently stuck there!

I have the same issue with all transactions.

The status is still “Submitted” but there is no TxnHash to check on bscscan.

Wallet Address : 0x9e1a7272BFFA25b48D783cc62a220F0962313660

Brave Version (check About Brave):
v 1.32.113

Admin: Please check this issue ASAP since this is destroying my trust to use your wallet.

Thanks in advance.

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Seems like the transaction isn’t being picked up by a miner. Is it possible the gas price specified is too low?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply! So far, all my transactions are stuck for eternity even when I set gas fees to maximum.

Also, shouldn’t the pending transaction show up on Etherscan even if the issue is related to the gas fee?

Thank you!

Additional point: In the last days, I have been making transactions from my Metamask Chrome extension without any issues - if this was a general issue on the Ethereum chain related to high gas fees, shouldn’t I experience problems there too?

I feel like I’m not really getting the support I need here. I’m honestly worried as my funds are completely stuck in your wallet for days.

Is there any way to open a ticket with your technical support?

Thank you!

Sorry for the lag in replying.
I don’t know why your transaction isn’t going through.
In the meantime though you can get at the old wallet in brave://settings/wallet and setting your default wallet there to Crypto Wallets. Then when you go to brave://wallet it’ll load the old wallet.

Hi, Brian

Try to put more gas fee, but still nothing happen. (gas price was about $6).
Any suggestion I can try?


Could you screenshot your chain info by double clicking on the network in brave://settings/wallet and then Networks.

Hrm that setup does look correct.

I have the same problem. Made some transactions a 4 days ago with smal problems. But now from 2 days i can’t do nothing. Can’t make swap on Pancake, can’t send asset to another wallet. My money stuck at this Brave “Wallet”…

What happens when you try to connect on Pancake?

Btw your money is not stuck, you can go to brave://settings/wallet and go back to Crypto Wallets if you need to if you are having trouble.

Now i only want to send my money to another wallet (metamask) but brave wallet only make “Submitted” and nothing more.

But today i make another try of pancakeswap exhange, everything goes ok but in wallet i see “Submitted” and nothing changes like all other transacions.

me too. still nothing fixed

I found a solution. I reset my brave wallet earlier doing backup of course. After that i started Brave Wallet from scratch. Recover backup. Used that: to assign BSC. And now everything working great.

Thanks a lot, SemenK!!
Your solution works great.

I’m having exact same problem with AVAX. Everything was working just fine and then suddenly it is broken again! I had the same issue nearly a month ago, it was fixed without doing anything after a day or two. There must be a bug hidden somewhere.

Thank you, it worked!