Help me delete 2FA

Why did I request to cancel 2FA for my account and I received a notification email waiting for 2 days but after two days I logged in to my account, it showed a message saying 8 hours to delete 2FA after the end of 8. now I log in and it pops up the message again 18 hours and today when the time is up 18 hours I log into it again the message left 1 day to delete 2FA

@dan_brave or @cory to the rescue.

I texted him but I didn’t hear him replying

Hey there! Have you tried logging in again? We recently fixed a problem which was causing some accounts 2FA removal not to occur.


@cory sir can you please help me to disable the 2FA authenticator on my UPHOLD account​:pray::pray:

User name: abdhuljabbar22
Email: [email protected]

I unfortunately can’t do that, you’ll have to talk to Uphold support!

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