Waited more than 14 days - Help about 2FA removal

I have requested a 2FA removal in previous month. and waited more than 14 days. But still i can’t login because its asking for 2FA authentication.

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Hey there, can you DM your email address so I can take a look?


Hey, it’s been 20 days and I still haven’t received support from Brave.

I have also given you DM many times and have not received any response.

I was able to remove the 2-factor authentication registration from your account. Please try to sign in now :slight_smile:


Dear Sir

Why did I request to cancel 2FA for my account and I received a notification email waiting for 2 days but after two days I logged in to my account, it showed a message saying 8 hours to delete 2FA after the end of 8. now I log in and it pops up the message again 18 hours and today when the time is up 18 hours I log into it again the message left 1 day to delete 2FA
My acount : vietnhi0203@gmail.com

I am like everyone else. please help me
my account : leviet295137@gmail.com

Hello everyone! Yesterday we released an update to the Creators app which fixes the 2fa removal problem. Please check your accounts today as the stalled removals should have gone through!

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