Timer for remove 2FA keeps increasing


I’ve noticed that my 2 day delay in removing 2FA after verification from my creator account is now 7 days old and the timer now says “5 days”.

Is it really that backed up? Or is it not working correctly?


Not sure. @Aman_M @Kevin_cc @rodrige @Jarc-1107 @Alice2095 any idea ?

It’s now up to 6 days. How annoying. I’ll probably just set up a separate account.

Bummer. Not able to set up a separate account as my uphold wallet already has one connected. Fun!

Its apparently working now. Not sure what changed.

Hi @rdiaz

Sorry to hear you were experiencing issues. If you ever run into this issue again you can cancel the 2FA request and submit another request. I’ve included below resources to check out.

Creator Issue Support form (non-suspension)

Creator 2FA issues

normally it take 2->7 days

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