2 Factors Authenticator

I requested my 2FA to be removed over 2 and half weeks ago and was told it would take 14 days for the request to be completed. On Tuesday July 16th, I received an email saying that the 2FA would be removed in 7 hours. It is Friday and I am still seeing the 2 FA. Who can I contact to resolve this?

Hi @masurob25, welcome to community!

CC’ing @cory for an extra set of eyes.

Hey there! Can you send a DM with you email address so we can take a look?

Hey there! Your account is in “Active” status and I don’t see any ongoing 2fa removal, it’s possible if you requested it twice that it was canceled.

I went ahead and removed it from your account. Please try logging in again

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I just tried to login again and it looks like the 2FA has been removed. Thanks for the quick response!!

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