2FA not retired

Hello. I sent a request to cancel 2FA due to the loss of 2FA. it’s been 14+ days, 2FA hasn’t been removed. I note that every day I received letters that “in n-days I will cancel 2FA”. I received 9 such messages, not 14. and 2FA removal process was stopped at 9 day wait. I thought I’d resubmit THE 2fa cancellation request. but Yandex.Translator incorrectly translated the confirmation of the letter: instead: cancel the removal of 2FA, on the contrary, remove 2FA. I have now started the process of removing 2FA again without waiting for removal. Please delete 2FA from my account. Thank you in advance.

@cory would help you fix it

Hello! Yesterday we released an update to the Creators app which fixes the 2fa removal problem. Please check your account today as the stalled removals should have gone through!

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