Hello Referral Promo Stats is not booked

hello friends several people are downloading the brave by my link but not counting when they complete 30 days of use I get the bats but the CONFIRMED doesn’t appear on the INSTALLED side could you help me fix this please

:thinking: so you’re getting your confirmations, but not your installs? Strange, it’s usually the opposite way around! I’ll let the team know, but as long as you’re getting your BAT, I imagine it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

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Yeah Asad, I’m also facing this issue. I’m getting the bats but confirmations are not coming in for the last couple of days.

hello friend I get the amount of people who downloaded through my link
plus the amount of confirmation i get nothing
when they complete 30 days of use
but the bat i get
will have some problem on the 8th because the confirmation amount is not showing

We identified a bug with the referral promo earlier today. The display on the dashboard is incorrect. The good news is that it’s totally separate from your BAT balance and is undercounting. This means you will get all of your BAT – even if those confirmations aren’t showing up at the moment. :slight_smile:


thank you friend for your help now came back normal

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