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Sir can you please solve my big problem about my account dashboard, it started on month of august till now did not fix. I check my referral stats it show that i have 6 referral by month of August that use brave for 30 days but only 2 credited. And by September i have 3 and 1 credited but no BAT appear on my pending balance. I try to wait to fix this but almost 1 month now nothing happen.

@Wxyyz122 Brave does need 30 days to verify the referral. The 2 credited are probably the ones that have already cleared the 30 day timeframe and the others should probably be processed soon. @Asad sound correct? :+1:

Okay i have fans we use brave for 30 days and i see no confirms. I have about 300 downloads but only 8 confirmed when i know we used it more

@merlaux generally that is correct yes! There was a bug that we fixed recently where referrals were not being counted though. @Wxyyz122 I’ll look into your account and make sure everything is working properly. Will get back to you soon. :slight_smile:


@Asad can you help me too i have same problem there’s a bug on my referral confirmation from august to september. I have 6 from august but only 2 is added to my confirmed and 3 from september but 1 is added to my confirmed.

Hey @Wxyyz122 thats my post​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

We identified a bug with the referral promo earlier today. The display on the dashboard is incorrect. The good news is that it’s totally separate from your BAT balance and is undercounting. This means you will get all of your BAT – even if those confirmations aren’t showing up at the moment. :slight_smile:


I hope mine too @Asad because many of my referral completed brave for 30 days but not credited on my confirmed referral and not all paid correctly.

Yes there is a bug for the last 5 days already. I get 1:50 to 1:100 ratio for installs to confirmations. normally is 1:4. I hope this is fixed soon.

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