NOTICE: Please read if you're not seeing your balance increase for referral confirmations

Hello everyone!

We’ve noticed several users involved in our referral program reporting that they’re not seeing their balance increase when they receive a confirmation:

The team has confirmed that we’re currently experiencing issues with our Promo sever which is causing the referral confirmations not being reflected on the Creators dashboard. We’re working hard to make sure everything gets up and running properly as soon as possible and that everyone’s confirmations are honored to the best of our ability.

Thank you.


Shall we be rewarded for all the previous confirmed referrals after resolving the promo servers issue ?

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As previously stated:


Thank you sir for your valuable reply. I know your team is working to solve the promo server issue, that is pretty good. I just want to know that, we have many user who didn’t get BAT for successfully confirmed referrals. Will we get BAT for those confirmed referrals which was not credited to the dashboard?

Thank you for your response sir, i know you work hard to fix this problem…

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Thank you sir Mattches my dashboard reward is already updated

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Please fix mine too, i have 6 referral use brave for 30 days on AUGUST but only 2 is confirm and by the month of SEPTEMBER i have 3 more referral use brave but only 1 credited.

mine too i have 16 confirmed referral. but i didnt get any reward now. Thank you

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where is the file excel with the counts?

It seems that this issue has been resolved – if you still believe you’re not being paid out properly for referrals it’s likely due to another issue outside of this particular bug. Please create a new thread with the relevant details surrounding your situation and we’d be happy to assist you.