Are there any 'shields' settings that are known to interfere with logins at financial institutions?

It can be tough to troubleshoot a login problem with a CSR at a financial institution, since they aren’t likely to know whether an issue that occurs in BRAVE would or wouldn’t be just as likely to also occur in CHROME.

If you reveal that you are using BRAVE (not CHROME) you’re likely to be told BRAVE isn’t supported and that they can’t do any troubleshooting for issues that occur in a non-supported browser.

So just to have a leg up on whether that distinction makes any sense, are there any BRAVE ‘shield’ settings that are known to interfere with logins at financial institutions?


If I remember correctly, I had to allow cookies when I tied logging into my bank’s site.

Thanks. I have:

“Cross-site trackers blocked”
“Cross-site cookies blocked”
“Cross-site recognition blocked”

I’m not sure what “cross-site” means but presumably it refers to less blocking than “all cookies.”

Did you need to deselect “cross-site cookies” to log into your bank’s website?

I believe I had to, yes. Cross-site means any website that’s not directly connected to the site you’re on. That may be your bank’s security sites, in this case. I believe they use those kinds of sites to verity your security info.

I turned all Shields off and that didn’t make any difference. Still couldn’t log in. Same error messages.

Since I don’t have to do even that with any other financial institution I think the problem may be with the bank’s website.

Direct troubleshooting with actual tech personnel at such institutions is rarely available these days, and the intermediaries vary widely in competence. So… (just thinking out loud as I ponder what lies ahead.)

Thanks, tho.

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