Haven't received tips from my site

I was testing out tips on my site by sending myself a tip, and I haven’t seen any record of it in my account. Is there anywhere I can go to check what tips I may have pending on my site?

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Sounds like @steeven has helped another member with this over PM before.

You can see pending tips in your tipping history (check the Rewards Settings screen under “Monthly Contributions”

Tips can take some time to process. Give it some time and check your balance in creators.brave.com (it’ll show up there, not in your browser wallet).

Also, we generally don’t recommend self tipping unless it’s in very small amounts – it can cause your account to be flagged if you do so in excess.

Hi @Asad. Thank you for the reply. It looks like I can see my balance in the creators link you mentioned. thanks for that. It looks like I haven’t hit the minimum 5 BAT balance for a payout.

I have some questions:

  1. Brave now says my site is “Not yet verified” when I’m pretty sure I went through the verification process and this worked earlier. What gives?
  2. I thought tipping myself might be a clever way to get my rewards off of my iOS devices since this doesn’t seem to be supported right now. How much would be considered ‘excessive tipping’? If I tip enough to get up to the minimum 5 BAT, would that flag my account?

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