Balance differency


I’m trying to tip myself total 543.0BAT in order to test the brave rewards walle, but in my rewards it only shown " PENDING PAYOUTS 286.42 BAT Payout In Progress". So, where is the rest of balance?

There’s nothing shown on Uphold balance also.

Somebody please help.


It has nothing to do with uphold. After sending tips I have noticed it is best to keep the browser open with an open internet connection for at least 45 mins for the whole tip to be processed. Sorry your tip transaction may have been cancelled if you didn’t wait long enough

take a look

Goodluck aside you lost token you will loose your account, tipping so much on yourself is illegal.

I’m not on phone, i’m on PC that always online, i don’t need to wait for 40min, my PC always online, i could wake up all night long and keep brave browser open.
btw, thanks for your reply…

My youtube channel also not zero content, thanks for nothing help comment.

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