Tips from supporters are not showing in my brave rewards account

I have BAT that family tipped me over a week ago and it’s still not showing in my BRAVE rewards account. I’ve been using BRAVE for a while now and it usually shows immediately but last month and now this month it seems to be having issues. Is there a time frame now on when tips will be showing up in my account instead of immediately as in the past?

If the whole family was tipping you BAT from grants, I think you will never receive those tips, because of TOS grants violation, furthermore, you could have your account suspended if you continue to do so.

That cannot be true. My family that is tipping me would never have even heard of the BRAVE browser if it wasn’t for me. I’m supporting the community and they even got some of there friends to download the browser as well. So you’re saying they don’t have the right to tip me because I’m a family member? On top of it BAT they earned from ADS that’s supposed to be there’s can’t be true man
If that’s the case I will start sounding some loud alarms

@eljuno none of those post below answer my question.

The scary thing here is. Imagine how many tips aren’t coming through from people I don’t know that just support me…The only reason I know about this little bit is bc family told me. I could have thousands of dollars in BAT worth of tip from supporters not coming in

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