Haven't receive payout for Feburary, stop getting rewards from ads, and cannot reauthorize uphold wallet

I haven’t receive the payout for Feb. yet. The processing message in the browser is not showing, which means my payout should be processed?
I’m not using VPN, and I got my payout from the android version and the YouTube reward program.
I tried to reauthorize the uphold wallet and it seems not working, I tried to contact uphold and they told me I should post my problems here.
Please help me with this problem, thank you.

Kind of. For yours specific it might have but that’s only speaking on behalf of Brave. It still is going through the channels to get to Uphold, for them to convert it, and then to place it into your account. That process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Honestly, this seems to be a recent ongoing issue that staff is looking into. I’m not sure if clearing cookies and trying again would help (assuming you’re on desktop)? I’ve asked a few people to try this but none have gotten back to me, so not sure if it would resolve it and it’s a bad cookie or what’s up? Also would have to say to make sure browser is updated and all, but I’m assuming you’ve done that.

On Android there’s other small things that can cause issues. There’s just way too many things to grab at and it’s not all guaranteed. I at least wanted to mention a couple things while we wait in regards to reconnecting.

Just so you know, Uphold should still be connected and authorized with Brave. If you’re seeing Verify it just means you got logged out of Uphold from the Brave Reward thing. The only importance of this is that it means you won’t be able to see your Uphold balance from there until it logs in again. But on the server side, they’d still have it linked and everything else should still be at Uphold.

exactly the same here, haven’t got from android to uphold, cannot reverify that;
AND haven’t got from mac to gemini either

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using the desktop browser, and tried to reset the browser, but it seems the ads is still not working. It still shows the ad when I open a new tab, but the reward is not accumulatiing any more.

I’ve inspect the brave://rewards-internals/ page, it seems it’s valid, and nothing strange.

The uphold account balance is still there, nothing changed. Just still haven’t got the payout , I think I’ll wait until the uphold payout progress is completed.

Thanks again.

This makes it seem like you might be flagged or you’re appearing as if you’re in another region than appears in Ad Diagnostics. Not sure if you looked at the tab when you checked brave://rewards-internals but if it shows your Locale as different than your IP Address or Computer Locale, it’s problematic.

Either way, I would suggest you send a Direct Message (DM) to @steeven and @Mattches with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals along with a brief description…focus on how you are no longer getting BAT from viewing ads.

The reason I say focus on not getting BAT from ads is that a lot of the payouts are still going on for February. So if you say that and it jumps out to them, your message will probably get skipped. It’s only because that may not actually be a problem depending on circumstances and there’s others from older payment or other situations who need more help. So if you focus on not seeing Estimated Earnings not increasing and all, it’s a good starting point. Then maybe halfway or so in your message also mention if didn’t get payment yet.

@vaiogt do a favor and post about you having the issue with connecting to Uphold at 48 hours for the Brave mobile to finish

I’ve asked others to do that as well but looks like they haven’t. I mention that because other people are also having issues. I’d like to try to get everyone together on it, especially since Steeven is working on it.

The more information they can get and more people speaking up on issues, the better. Of course, that’s if basic troubleshooting steps don’t work either. Chocoholic gave you a good one but been having people where it doesn’t work either.

I have the same issue as well. It seemed since Feb 2022 and Mar 2022. Glad I am not the only one.

Here is my post: Brave informed me that I need to verify my account with uphold to receive rewards. I am verified since 2019 and my Feb reward from my PC browser has not come in - #4 by Saoiray

I’ve send my informations to them and also post the issue under the thread.

Thanks for you help.:slight_smile:

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