Still don't get march rewards (uphold wallet)

I am following the community page. There, it shows uphold wallet payment completed but I didn’t get march rewards. And there is also many uphold users I have seen in the community asking the same.
I am noticing Gemini users started getting their march payouts but uphold users not. Give us a update. Also I have submitted my wallet id information @Mattches @steeven


Same issue, contacted Uphold. They blame Brave and refer me to this support page and troubleshooting guide. Nothing works. I HAD a verified Uphold wallet according to Brave but one day Brave forgot I had a verified wallet and somehow whenever I try to verify my wallet which I am fully qualified to be verified I consistently am faced with “Something went wrong, Please try again” when I try to reauthorize Brave on the Uphold app. It’s been this way for several weeks. I have 7 BAT sitting in my “unverified wallet” area and 11 BAT coming in may. Non of that BAT seems like it will reach Uphold. So my best guess is Uphold is about to fold like a deck of cards when alt coins are deemed securities, idk

@steeven i also didn’t recieved my march rewards…help in this matter

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yes. don’t use uphold app to verify. it always show something went wrong. delete that app and go through the process via any browser. It’ll work in one go.


If on an Android device (I’m sure this can be replicated on an apple device), you don’t need to delete the app to accomplish this. Go into Android Settings and search for…

Uphold > App Info > Advanced > Opens by default > Open supported links > Select “Ask Every Time”

Now when you go back into Brave to verify, you should be prompted to either open with the Uphold App or within the Brave browser. Select Brave, login and verify. Hope this helps!

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