Haven't gotten ads in 2 hours

Was wondering if there’s a problem with the server or something. So far, I’ve gotten 16 ads today, then it stopped ever since.

hello @Narmer

check this one

and one more thing there are limit per day for ads it’s around 20 per day

hope that help and have a nice day


Thanks for taking your time to reply. That might be it, but for now, I’ll keep the thread open for other people if they have any other answers since I’m pretty new to brave (2nd day today) so, I wanna get to know everything about it. Your answer sounds reasonable, though.

you very welcome and feel free to ask anytime many will help you
and welcome to the brave world

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

It´s how brave works actually. I receive about 15 - 17 ads (on linux) per day (for now xd). But yes, what @justsomeone1 linked is correct and comes from admins

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Oh, one more thing I’d like to ask about. I still haven’t verified my BAT wallet. Does that impose any kind of limitation on my BAT earnings whatsoever?

No, it should be fine, just be carefull since there is a limit of 4 devices to be linked to UPHOLD and there is no way (for now) to delete them from that list. So, if you change frecuently from PC or something, well select carefully your devices.

" Please note that there is currently a lifetime 4 device connection limit to a single Uphold account. (Note: This is currently a lifetime limit, meaning that even if you have since disconnected or uninstalled a previous installation of Brave, this still counts toward your lifetime limit.)"


I see. Thanks both of you for helping me out on this. I’ll choose the solution now. The funny thing is, that I just got an AD just now while typing this reply :sweat_smile:

without verified you can not deposit or transfer from your builtin wallet the only thing you can do is to save them or tip any site or channel you like plus there new thing happen today

about recover your claimed bats in case of fresh installations

check this one i think the last point of it Common Rewards Issues (Work in Progress)

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hahaha it happends, don´t worry xd.

you got me on that one hehehehehhe

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you welcome and congratulations :slight_smile: