No Rhyme or Reason to ad distribution!

Some days i’ll get 20-40 ads in a single day and other times I can go 3-4 days without any ads at all…

I have Brave on 4 different computers and 2 different mobile apps on my phone… I’m on my internet connected devices 18 hours a day… I can view activity in real time and haven’t seen an ad in about 20 hours.

A steady stream of ads would enable me to send donations and earn a small amount each month… If this system actually worked continually and dependably, it would be GREAT.

right now It’s just frustrating. :frowning:

I don’t see what i could be doing to effect ad distribution so what’s up???

Thanks in advance!
A proud owner/investor in $BAT and regular user of the Brave browser.

Hey Mlb339,

There are many factors that determine how users will receive ads. I would recommend looking at this post for more information:

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Thank you for the reply, Adrian!
I’ll check it out.

Thanks again!
That was very informative.

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You’re very welcome, and have a good day.

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