Has anyone received their rewards consistently to their linked, verified Gemini account?

I have a verified YouTube channel and a verified Gemini account. I’ve never received any rewards deposit to my Gemini account and recently started looking around the community topic boards where I’ve come to realize this problem is very commonplace. I emailed @steeven and I just happened to check today and saw he emailed me back. He asked if I had received my bat. At that point I got a bit suspicious of this whole process because if he’s a part of this company but has no idea what’s going on then we here in “community” have a problem. I saw topics about the rewards reduction etc…etc… I’m going to try to see if they send my rewards but after this I think I might be “disengaged” from this project that once was promising but now apparently is going off the rails. Have you guys gotten your Gemini deposits consistently?

You are clearly not aware of the limits on what Brave staff can do and see. They have no control or visibility over what happens in your Gemini account. Not only that, but there are VERY few Brave staff, and thousands upon thousands of Brave users (including content creators) with issues that they want resolved. Add to that the fact that the vast majority of complaints posted to the community could be easily resolved if users would FIRST read the available documentation and previous threads, as well as applying common sense. Case in point: How many threads have been posted recently complaining about the value of a BAT (simply a matter of advertising economics), as if there is a bug somewhere, or that Brave devs are somehow to blame?

The fact that @steeven reached out to you is a positive sign that your issue is being looked at, and with your patient cooperation may even lead to a fix for a large number of people.

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You’re making a non sequitur argument. To conflate what is plainly written in english with " the staff doesn’t know what’s happening in your Gemini account" is either 1) a lack of reading comprehension skills or 2) an attempt to project and deflect from the point plainly stated. So until such time as you sort your personal issues out please refrain from exposing us all to your “failings” as pertains to understanding what you read. Enjoy your day.

The personal issues are yours. You ASSUME that the Brave staff (specifically @steeven) “has no idea what’s going on”. I was addressing your assumption. You responded with ad hominem attack. I will no longer attempt to help you. Good day.

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You seem to process of knowledge of the inner workings of “the staff”. Are you “staff” or simply continuing with your “assumptions”? If you’re not staff then you’re speaking out of turn, if you are “staff” wouldn’t your time be better served helping one of the many people experiencing the same problem as I for much longer than today when I finally spoke on it? Methinks you’ve missed the point.:thinking:

You should never have reached out without identification of yourself as staff. Your professionalism as a staff member of brave is sorely lacking and maybe that’s why all these people are complaining, because we have unprofessional, unidentified staff members reaching out for argument and behaving punitively when they are rebuffed in your unprofessional behavior specifically. … especially after your first comment when I said “enjoy your day” ending the conversation…you reached out again for more argument and to further put your unprofessional behavior on display.

People like you need to be replaced with more professional staff. Very dissapointing behavior on your part. I’ll see if there is someone above you I can bring this up with.

Hi @Beyinda69 - payouts to Gemini wallets are still processing. You can track updates here - May 2021 Creators Payout - #8 by steeven. Thank you.

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