Verified with Gemini, 34 BAT Missing


I linked my account to Gemini today. I had 34 BAT. It refreshed my Brave wallet amount to 0 and shows having no BAT in my Gemini portfolio. I don’t understand?

this is what now shows on my internals page:

Total balance 0 BAT

bitFlyer Wallet: 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 0 BAT

Gemini Wallet: 0 BAT

Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

Here’s my log for today. I did disconnect the wallet and reconnected about an hour later, hoping the tokens would show back up on the brave side. They did not.

11/18/2021, 06:40:38 AM wallet_disconnected gemini/61965
11/18/2021, 05:26:34 AM promotion_claimed 34.750000
11/18/2021, 05:14:33 AM ac.enabled 0

The 34,75 is what should have gone into gemini.

Thanks for any assistance.


Absolutely insane. I’m going through the same exact thing, with almost the same exact BAT amount. I had 35 BAT, connected my wallet to Gemini, verified my account, and instantly my BAT amount went from 35 to 0. However, nothing showed up on my Gemini account. No transfer history. No withdraw history. No deposit history. Nothing. But I can look at my statements from previous months and show each month the amount of BAT I had received. This also happened to me today. I also disconnected my wallet from Gemini hoping it would be in my Brave wallet. Then I reconnected to Gemini. I seriously thought, while reading your post, did brave like… autopost what happened? wow.

Same exact thing here. About 48 BAT. Just disappeared. I am kind of thinking there is a delay, and maybe payments are processed on a certain day, but I would expect SOME kind of notice or message saying “pending” or just something.

Looking through previous posts by other people… Apparently this has happened A LOT. I looked into my brave internal logs to see what it said… but of course, it doesn’t even go past October 22, 2021. With this being NOVEMBER, it just isn’t super beneficial…

I actually just checked and mine were back. I got a message from support too. Hopefully they will reach out to you too. I am not sure if it s the whole amount I had, but at least it didn’t wipe it all out. Still a little hesitant about the whole thing though.

Glad it worked out for you!! Hope it works out for us as well.

Crazy it happened to quite a few of us. If the guy who got a message from support is still here, what was your wait time like?

Fingers crossed guys. Funny stuff. If it is as simple as a delay to show up on their exchange I will laugh, but Brave might want to give a disclaimer for future verifications in that case.

They actually have a note somewhere that says it could take up to 30 minutes for funds to show up… but its been hours…

Still no BAT showing.

same here,…please add your twitter account details and publish on twitter and tag me I am going to the press as a whistleblower, this is basically tantamount to a scam and we’re be defrauded out of or tokens. twitter @markmwhelan

please tweet your complaint and add me on twitter @markmwhelan, we’re being defrauded out of our tokens

its fraud…there’s many people who don’t even know how to reach this forum…so many people are not receiving tokens that they have earned. I am going to the press, Brave is a company that should help reward the crypto community like it promised…this looks like a scam

I will go to twitter, but I am hoping there is someone from Brave who can come and tell us just what the hell is going on first.

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I’m having the same thing happen to me as well! I hope support fixes this.

Same problem here, 26 BAT missing and nothing in my account after 2+ days!

Looks like my BAT is now in my wallet. Took almost 48 hours to transfer.

Okay, I just made this account because I am having the exact same issue and I also need to relay my frustration. This has to be some ridiculous joke, the reason we’re here is because most of us support and stand behind Brave. I literally use the brave app instead of google chrome & safari even though the app gives no rewards and causes issues like crashing/ shutting all my tabs open. I have lost all my BAT, all the BAT I earned/accumulated over time since March of 2021 when I first joined. Please tell me that they will fix this issue and/or reimburse everything I have lost. I am in absolute shock that my reward wallet has 0 BAT. I just don’t know what to do, I can’t believe it, I am lost for words.

My BAT showed up earlier today. Seems like a 36-48 hour delay should be expected. Note to Brave and or Gemini: A disclaimer for future people in this position would be ideal.

i also lost my BAT after verifying with Gemini. about 95 BAT lost. been waiting for over a week! only got one reply from support after my initial post. asked for an update maybe 3-4 days later. still haven’t heard anything back from them. where are they???

Hi all, this issue has been resolved for most users. If your BAT has still not deposited as expected please send the following information to me in a DM and I will investigate:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

Thank you in advance!