Hardware Acceleration causing severe visual glitching/lagging

Description of the issue: While hardware acceleration is enabled via settings, my browser severely glitches, lags, tears, etc. Verbal example: I load the YouTube homepage. All the elements flicker into existence down the screen, as if turning on an old flickering lightbulb. Scrolling down leads to staggering, and scrolling up to the top of the page vibrates as if the page is receiving a considerable number of scroll down and up commands. There are large flashing black boxes, almost to the point of epileptic. Upon loading a YouTube video, the browser crashed.

If I then open another tab or page entirely, upon scrolling I can still see elements of the previous tab/page behind the new page’s elements. It’s very strange to see. Even stranger (and likely a clue) - when I try to enable Nvidia Shadowplay’s integrated recording software, the issue completely disappears, and only reappears when I stop my recording. Very elusive.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Enable hardware acceleration
  2. Relaunch
  3. Effects show

Expected result: See above

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.50.121 (“up to date”)

Additional Information: Windows 11, laptop, 3070m GPU, 11800h CPU.
I use hardware acceleration for other apps such as Adobe software, and haven’t experienced any issues with them. Brave is the only app that I’ve seen such errant behavior in. If necessary I have a phone recording showing the effects.

It’s frustrating as I have plenty of GPU memory but a bottlenecked CPU, so having Chromium eat up even more CPU makes the browsing experience very poor.

@MaxCrackerJax Is this happening only on sites with multimedia, such as YouTube with videos? Or does the tearing, lags, etc happen on any type of site? (including Brave Community?)

What about other browsers? For example, do you have the same issue occur in Chrome if you have it enabled and visit the sites?

Hints it’s an issue with your graphics card. Not sure if you’ve updated drivers recently? Also, want to mention there’s an issue from 7 years ago with an update from 2 years ago of people with this issue over at Nvidia. You can see that at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/230149/screen-tearing-issue-in-chrome/ So not sure if you’d want to check about disabling vertical sync or even going to brave://flags and disabling Smooth Scrolling as mentioned by one as their solution.

Can you go to brave://crashes and provide crash report ID? If it truly crashed, you should see something there.

Hopefully you’ve checked out the prior things first. If none of those work, I’ll have you test a few other things. If you test one and have no issue, you can stop there, otherwise try the next:

  1. If you open in a Private Window, does it work or still have the same issue?

  2. Same question as above, but for a new browser profile? (make sure you don’t add extensions or change settings, except maybe to toggle hardware acceleration)

  3. If you go to brave://flags and enable Vulkan, do you see any change?

  4. Same as above, but try Choose ANGLE graphics backend

  5. Does disabling Shields have any impact?

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i was having i think the same issue, though i’d like to add that i was also experiencing some overall text fuzzyness in every aspect of the browser, browser settings included. a google spreadsheet when scrolled would often leave a previous frame or two overlapping with the new, making some extreme visual bugginess. i think this was what was happening with the text to make it fuzzy sometimes, like i had mentioned.

But, i think its fixed now!

the option that fixed it was 4. option 3 made it to where my whole screen flickered non-stop. when I chose OpenGL in the drop box from option 4, everything started working properly.

thank you @Saoiray , this had been bugging me going on 1-2 months since it randomly started after a long time of no issues!

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I have similar issues on a MacBook Air M1 / Ventura 13.3.1 (a)

Version 1.51.118 Chromium: 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (arm64)

The issues happen on any site, including for example amazon.com or even a blank starting page when I hover with a mouse pointer over frequently used sites.

I believe (but maybe I’m wrong here) that it started to happen after I used developer tools to modify some CSS properties on one page.

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