Youtube glitches when hardware acceleration is turned on and Screen tears when hardware acceleration is turned off

I have no idea why this keeps happening but whenever I turn on hardware acceleration, the youtube videos randomly glitch. If I turn it off, the screen tears whenever I scroll.

I don’t know how to get a mix of both. My GPU is RTX 2060 and CPU is 13600k. Ram is Ripjaws V 64 GB DDR4.

Same here, If I try to play two videos regardless of site both stop and all I see is a spinning loading wheel with hardware acceleration on. If I turn it off then I see non-stop tearing. This has been happening for quite a while, was hoping for a hardware acceleration fix but I guess that wont be happening as there’s similar threads from years ago.

Win10 GTX 1080 & i7-6800K with 32GB for me.

Wait…this issue has been known for years?

Why isn’t brave fixing this?

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