Hardware acceleration video problem

Description of the issue: When hardware acceleration is on videos such as twitch streams or instagram stories appear to be black in the begining (see attached screenshot) and then the video

can’t find a solution that will make everything work.

Brave Version: Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hi @Kargian - have you tried toggling off hardware acceleration in settings?

Yes i tried to turn off hardware acceleration…Twitch and instagram issue is solved when is off but then youtube videos are choppy.

Thanks @Kargian for the additional info. Do you have any extensions installed? Trying to get a better picture.

Yes,i have installed better twitch tv and a gmail notifier extension.I tried removing both of them but the video problem still exists.


When hardware acceleration is activated, there are rendering problems in the browser itself!
The problem manifest as some form of pixelation, blur or werd shaping lines (not sure… maybe a mix between those) around fonts, shadows and color gradients.

It happens randomnly, some times over the browser menus, sometimes on images, sometimes over buttons.
In videos, when it happens, its mostly when the video is paused and it covers almost all the video player area.

After moving the mouse over various affected areas, most of the times, the problem disappear (gets fixed). In videos, it generally fix itself when resuming the video.

Disabling hardware acceleration fix the problem… but the CPU load doubles … sometime even a bit more, wich in low spec PCs, got the videos to show stuttering or simple freezing the video image for a couple of seconds before resuming.

With hardware acceleration disabled in a intel i5 6500 (old mid-spec pc, but still pretty decent) the cpu consumption of brave browser got near the 40%… totally unacceptable, even more if you guys consider the really good 3% to 12% max of cpu load with hardware acceleration.

Hi @Kargian and @Arckangel00. We’re taking a look right now. We did make some changes to the graphics rendering pipeline in Brave 1.0, so this may be related.

At the moment there is no de facto workaround, but I’ll be sure to let the team know to take a look at this.


Hello. After a few days nvidia released new drivers and the problems were solved…
Dont know exactly what it was, but seems to be related to the new feature “image sharpening”

The same way, the blurry text, seems to be related to an error in nvidia using antialiasing and/or anisotropic filter on the text.

After disabling both in “general” config in nvidia panel “and” the specific program config for brave browser (in nvidia panel), the problem was solved.

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