Brave Ads are not coming for past 5 days

It’s been almost a week I am not receiving any ad. And this is the first time I am having this problem. I just want to know if I have some kinda problem in the browser. Last time I received an ad on 25th september, 2020. Now I am just curious if I am the one who is having this problem or everyone is going through the same problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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I haven’t recieved any BAT-giving ads for over a month now. I even totally re-installed Brave and deleted the user data folder but it still doesn’t work.

I did same. But nothing is happening. It is okay, but somebody needs to say something like we ran out of advertisers or something like that, or we dont support ad in other countries, or after earning 20 BATs from ads, the ads won’ appear again. I am not uninstalling the browser because of no ads, am going to use it cause I like it. But I want to know what is happening. If everyone is getting the reward but I am not in the list, then I need to know why.

The thing is they haven’t run out of ads or anything, if you visit the transparency report you can see how many ad campaigns are currently running in your country. I’m currently in the USA and there are 68 ad campaigns running, I haven’t seen ads from any of them.

Like you said though, if I’ve reached some invisible threshold and can no longer earn BAT, that’s fine… But I want to know that’s what happened. Half the reason I started using Brave is because of how open and honest they’ve been about every aspect of this browser. This is starting to feel shady.

I noticed something similar, a few weeks back. I would never receive a notification for an ad. Despite the settings in the Brave browser being setup correctly for it.

Somehow the “Brave Ads” notification option for my phone had become unchecked.

I checked it back and they started to come through again almost instantly.

Hope that helps.

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