Google services not opening

Description of the issue:
Since the past week, Google services have stopped working on my Brave Desktop browser. I am unable to login to Gmail (and thus any google service - drive, sheets, docs, maps, even google SSO)

Gmail (and all other Google services) is working perfectly fine in private (incognito).

Solutions already tried, but haven’t worked:

  1. Deleted all cookies from the past
  2. Disabled all extensions
  3. Updated to latest version of Brave

This seems to have happened since the last update I made for Brave v1.44.105 (Sep 30th, 2022)

Welcome to the community. This is an issue that seems to have popped up recently. An installed extension was causing the issue in many cases, but since you’ve already tried disabling all extensions, your issue must be something else.

This topic, Unable to sign in to google accounts (clear cookie error), is very similar to yours. There are troubleshooting steps suggested by support that you may want to perform to see if it changes any behavior. Please post update with results if you do.

Brave support is still investigating the issue. Their last post was 5 days ago. You may want to track that topic as any updates will probably be posted there.

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did think of something not mentioned. There are two settings in Brave relating to Google logins. Can you check if they are disabled or enabled. If disabled, can you try enabling them and see if any behavior changes. You can click on Learn more which will open a Brave GitHub wiki article explaining the settings.

  1. brave://settings/extensions
  2. brave://settings/socialBlocking

Really, since you can login using a private window, I really thought this would be an extension problem. Being able to login in incognito and not normal is most often an indicator that an extension is causing problems.

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So I again tried disabling all my extensions this morning and it miraculously worked!
Thanks for convincing me to try once more :slight_smile:

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I am so glad you found the cause of your issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you post the name of the extension causing problems? It may be more than one. Just turn your extensions back on one by one and see if you can identify which one (or more) was interfering. Sometimes, the problem with an extension corrects itself after disabling/enabling, so you may not be able to identify which one it was but please update if you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

The problem was either with Boomerang (by Baydin) or with Calendly.
However, once Google services started back again, I reinstalled the extensions and so far Brave seems to be working just fine.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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@warikoo Thank-you for the update! Keeping my fingers crossed. :slightly_smiling_face:

You should mark your last post as the solution so that others will know your problem is solved. It will help those trying to help know you no longer have an issue and those looking for solutions.

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done. Thanks so much for your help

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