cookies not being cleared on exit

Sigh another issue with Brave on Windows10 is that I have specified that Brave should delete the cookie on exiting. Doing so will automatically log me out of Gmail. This has worked before in Chrome and Brave but no longer works in Brave. The result is that when I start Brave back up and go to I or anyone else near the computer can read my gmail.

If I go into settings and click on trash can icon chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies for the line then reload the Gmail tab I have to login. Why the heck is Brave not deleting this cookie on exit?

Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Open up brave://settings/clearBrowserData and make sure “Cookies and Site Data” is checked in the “On Exit” section. Can you please confirm for me?

If everything is properly set up in your settings but the cookie is not being deleted then we’ll definitely dig in and investigate. :slight_smile:

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No that setting is NOT set. I do not want to clear the cookies including the 2FA cookies for all of my Google accounts. That 2FA cookie deletion occurs when I enable that setting. It also deletes all the configuration for YouTube for my google account. This does not happen when I simply click on the Trashcan icon beside the icon on chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies


Thanks for letting me know. @Mattches do you know if it’s possible to customize which sites have their cookies removed On Exit?

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FYI this issue is crossposted on Reddit here

When I go to chrome://settings/cookies/detail? and look at the entry it says 13 cookies and expanding to show the detail it displays the following which are the cookies that I believe WERE at one point being deleted automatically and in the process leaving the 2FA cookies untouched:














In Firefox I use a third party exentsion “Forget Me Not” to remove “sid@*” cookies which forces a logout from Gmail but leaves the 2FA cookies untouched.

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I’d responded to your thread on Reddit earlier but I think we should continue the conversation here, if you don’t mind. Your last post:

Sorry for crossposting this issue to community forum here. The problem is that I only want to force Gmail logout on browser shutdown without having to remember logging out of Gmail BEFORE closing the browser down. As mentioned in the forum post if I enable the Cookies and other site data option it deletes alot of other google cookies including 2FA ones which I prefer to keep as this is a trusted device.

In Chrome when I was using it simply specifying “” in the cookies page chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=cookie and use Clear On Exit option in the hamburger menu for that particular entry it would delete that cookie and leave the 2FA cookies alone. However that cookie deletion no longer occurs under Brave unless the Cookies and other site data option is also enabled which has more drastic effect that wanted.

So to confirm, you’re not using the On exit function located in History --> Clear browsing data, you’re instead going to brave://settings/content/cookies and adding to the Clear on exit list:

I know this may seem silly but just to be sure; you do have the option at the top to Clear cookies on exit toggled “on”, right?

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Yes brave://settings/content/cookies and adding to the Clear on exit list and is in the Clear On Exit.

No I do not have the option Clear cookies and site data when I quit Brave toggled “on”. If I do enable that then Brave deletes 2FA cookies for other sites like Discord and Reddit and it also takes out cookies for services that use my Google account like Feedly, YouTube settings cookies when I exit Brave. The last time I tried Clear cookies and site data when I quit Brave toggled “on”, I still remained logged into Gmail when I started Brave back up! Reddit, Feedly and Discord are NOT on the Clear on Exit list.

Yet when I go to “brave://settings/siteData?search=cookie” scroll down to the line with
and hit the garbage can on the line for and its 15 cookies so that ONLY those 15 cookies are deleted and then go over to my Gmail tabs and reload the Gmail tab I find myself logged out like I should.

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By the way I am definitely not going to be using “Cookies and Site Data” is checked in the “On Exit” setting again. It has wiped out a large number of cookies in the browser for sites that I normally do not have to login to along with the site’s preferences. Has something changed in Brave recently to prevent clear on exit from functioning properly?

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I just checked and with Chrome Version 80.0.3987.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) I have the same settings for google,com in that its set to deleted the cookie on exit of the browser. I do NOT have “Cookies and Site Data” enabled. When I am logged into Gmail accounts and close Chrome the next time I start Chrome up I am logged out of Gmail. Unlike in Brave which keeps the user logged in. Now I am wondering if Brave is deleting any of the other cookies I have set up under brave://settings/content/cookies?search=cookies under Clear On Exit like [*.] etc

bump… this non deletion of cookies is still occurring in Version 1.5.102 Chromium: 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) . Under " Cookies and site data" I have specified “” as one of many cookies that should be deleted upon browser exit. This however does not appear to be happening since I remain logged into Gmail when Brave is restarted,

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Hey @fedup can you re-test the cookies with

Settings -> Clear browser data -> On exit


Just close all tabs before closing browser

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I already tried that before and that process wipes out ALL COOKIES in Brave. I do not want to delete all cookies ONLY select ones hence the use of ON EXIT option where 4 or 5 different sites are specified including the entry saying “

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I did this, leaving on the local storage being showing.

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Note I was testing via using gmail, logging in to gmail. then letting it clear cookies this way.

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This is the scorch earth method so to speak since it also logs you out of all other websites as well by deleting all the other cookies for those websites does it not? The selective cookie deletion on Browser Exit in the other area of Brave where one specifies only certain website should work should it not? After Chrome allows specific site cookies deletions.


I have gone back to using Chrome here due to a YouTube notification issue reported elsewhere here to see if that issue is stable with Google’s own browser. Doing so proved that Chrome has no issue deleting the the specified cookie for “” upon browser close there by logging me out of Gmail like it should. Brave I would think should do the same unless Brave has somehow modified that portion of the source code/logic.


I guess that the lack of replies indicates that this behaviour is a non issue. :worried:

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I hate that Brave is not logging me out of gmail ( either when I close the browser. Aren’t the developers interested in sorting this out? The problem is with Brave. Because Chrome is able to clear just’s cookies when I exit Chrome since I specified the site.

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Exactly what I mentioned in this thread over a month ago before the current world events. I would classify this as a bit of security/privacy issue myself especially when sharing workspace. I get the impression that perhaps Brave devs are spread too thin between fixing issues with the browser itself like this problem and solving issues with Brave’s BAT and Brave Rewards. I am concerned with a functioning browser period.


As there has been no response from anyone from Brave for over a month on a 2 month old issue I have decided to move over to MS Edge Chromium which, unlike Brave will delete cookies on the “Clear on Exit” setting. This is the same behavior as Google Chrome. I do not know what Brave has done to the browser that does not adhere to the same process.