Brave does not retain Clear on Exit list

I want to clear all cookies associated with google and facebook every time I close Brave. I only want to clear those cookies and not any other cookies. I went to brave://settings/content/cookies and added [*.] to the Clear on exit list and then closed Brave. I then reopened Brave and went to brave://settings/content/cookies but [*.] is no longer in the ‘Clear on exit’ list. How can I set Brave to delete google cookies every time I close Brave without having to add [*.] to the clear on exit list every single time?

Can you try adding the full URL along with the port? For example, for google, can you try adding https://[*.] and see if this makes any difference?

I added https://[*.] to the clear on exit then closed and reopened Brave and the clear on exit list is empty.

Digging further into this – appreciate your patience.

This sounds like the issue I reported back in Feb of this year. I got a couple of responses and subsequent follow up posts resulted in silence

Can you please confirm for me what Brave version you’re using as well as which OS? Additionally, do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Version 1.13.86
Windows 10
I do not currently have any active extensions in the browser.

I now have version 1.14.81 but it still does not retain the Clear on Exit list.

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