YouTube notifications no longer working

I have been using Brave off and on and YouTube notifications worked ok. Now all of a sudden YouTube notifcations are no longer working. Using [Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)]( on WIndows 10 Pro. I have ensured that Brave still has the “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” enabled. This and some change to Brave which does not allow it to delete specified cookies on exit

Firefox has no such issues with notifications. The cookie deletion use to work fine in Brave and Chrome and nothing has changed with those two browsers. With Firefox I use an extension to delete a specific cookie which works around the issue.,

Just ensure your notifications are enabled:


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That is the first thing I checked, There were still enabled.

Try clearing the cookies, (logout and re-login back into YT). I didn’t have notifications enabled, but I’ll enable it for testing.

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No difference. Only notifications from YouTube I am seeing is from Firefox. Brave is dead in the water for notifications from YouTube. This is after I logged out of YouTube and signed back in.

I had another computer with Brave installed and logged into the same YouTube account. This computer was turned off all day. I powered it up and got no YouTube notifications at all even though I should of received 4 notification in Windows Action Center. Seems something is broken in Brave wrt Notifications as well as the inability to delete select cookies on browser closure.

If you want to remove specific cookies when you exit the browser, use the Clear on exit section of brave://settings/content/cookies:

As for Youtube, it may be just me, but I’m actually not able to get push notifications on Youtube at all, in Brave, Chrome, or Firefox. Probably something silly I’m forgetting – let me dig into this a bit more and I’ll get back to you. To my knowledge, desktop notifications should been working for most sites (YT included).

Re the cookies that is exactly what I have done and the cookies are NOT being deleted. If I click on the garbage can icon for the line and there by delete the cookie then it behaves like I wanted to. It logs me out of Gmail. This is NOT happening automatically.

The notifications were working on Brave here on 2 computers that stopped working. Firefox still works here.

Can you check on your OS and see if Brave [still] has permissions to display notifications?

Just check and it still has permission to display notifications.

Going to do some more investigation here with Firefox to ensure that notifications are indeed working. I have enabled Notifications on several more subscribed channels to see if I am seeing notifications in the Windows10 Action Center. Lately all I see are the notifications banners in Firefox rather than also seeing them appear in the Action Center of the Windows10

Seems notifications being displayed in the Action Center on 2 Win10 Pro systems is dead in the water, Neither system has any notifications at all showing up in the Action Center. I have tried starting Brave and Chrome up and I do not see the pop up notifications or anything showing up in the Notification Center. With Firefox I will see the popup notification but they never go to the Action Center.

Well at least with Brave it seems that it is back to getting YouTube notifications on both systems and the notifications show up in the Action Center. I did not do anything here to get this working.

Still have the issue with the cookies and only the google.,com cookies automatically being deleted on browser close.

I checked the notifications test, (Easy way to actually test easily on the fly)

I that before reporting this issue. YouTube showed notifications on the YouTube page yet I saw no notifications popping up in Brave or no notifications showing up in WIndows10 Action Center. Then several days later it started working again.

Then today I left my computer for about 4 hours with Brave running. I come home to discover no new notifications in Action Center yet there were to YouTube channels I subscribe to that have notifications enabled. I have no idea if Brave created pop up notifications in my absence.

I started up Firefox and got the popup notifications but like Brave, Firefox did not push these notifications to the Action Center. Consistency is not apparently what Windows10 wants to do.

Why is in Brave when one has the flag “Enable native notifications.” enabled do notifications from YouTube simply show up as banners UNLESS you are physically in front of the computer when the banner appears and click on the arrow --> in the upper right corner of the banner to move the notification over to the Action Center list of notifications?

Isn’t “Enable native notifications.” suppose to do allow notifications from say YouTube to show up automatically in WIndows10 Action Center like what is seen using ?

What exactly are you asking here?

When I go to that site and force a notification, it appears on the bottom right as a banner. Then, if I don’t interact with it, it will automatically move into the Action Center after a few seconds (I can also use the arrow on the top-right of the banner to move it as you described). I believe this is controlled almost entirely by the system.

Ok yes the notifications for work as expected, There is a setting in chrome://flags called “Enable native notifications” which I have enabled.

When I get notifications from YouTube in Brave Beta I see the banner aka popup fine. However I DO NOT see anything in ACTION CENTER for this notification UNLESS I click on the top-right arrow in the banner notification.

If I am not in front of the computer when the banner notification pops up and return hours later then I am unaware that this notification ever occurred since it never makes it to the Action Center on its own.

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Thank you for clarifying. I’m actually not quite sure whether or not that’s specific to Brave or if it’s a Windows system behavior. Do you see the same behavior in Chrome/any other chromium browser(s)?

I haven’t used Google Chrome in months. Been flipping between Brave and Firefox here. The problem could be YouTube related as their notification system can be wonky at times with regards to not always pushing out notifications etc.

Thing is with this type of problem is that one has to use an alternative browser under test for a couple of days to see what it is doing. As well a pushed update or a beta version of the browser could also have a fix in the build that also has an effect on an issue. There are so many variables in play at times its hard to narrow down where exactly the issue lays.

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