Login out of the gmail

Every time I clear cookies and browsing history and close brave browser, i am getting logged out of the google account.

Hey Vinee-007,

I just want to make sure of two things:

  1. When you do this, do you select Basic, Advanced or On Exit, and what do you have selected?
  2. Does this only happen with your Google account?

I have selected Advanced and this only happens with my google account.

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Can you try what you’re doing on a new profile? Log into your Google account and go through what you normally do to clear your cookies and browsing history

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Extremely sorry for the late reply, I have tried everything still it log me out. In my case it only happens with google services where gmail id is used.

For clarification:

  1. When you select advanced, is “Cookies and other site data” selected?
  2. Do you only have Google logged in on Brave?
  3. Did you face the same issue on a new profile?

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