Google calendar notifications are not working in BRAVE

@Mattches it is enabled for BRAVE on my Windows.

And is your Windows Focus Assist enabled? If so, can you confirm that the times set for it are not the cause here?

Yes as I get other notifications in windows for other apps. No focus assist enabled.

Are you running any anti-virus programs on your machine (other than Windows Defender) at this time? Additionally do you have any extensions installed at this time?

No other AV then defender, but yes some extensions installed.

Can you please try disabling your extensions and testing the behavior? Alternatively, you can try creating a new test profile (ensure you close the original profile window you had open), and test the notification behavior when using the new profile.

Okay, will do with the profile. Could this be deleted later? And is it by default without any settings/extensions?

I disabled all extensions:
no restart of browser - nothing changed, still not notification
restart browser (no enabled extensions) - nothing changed, still not notification
deleted the calendar URL from BRAVE notification and re-add it - nothing changed, still not notification

I think the issue is about the Windows NaA Center. BRAVE is enabled there, but nothing pops up here. Not sure how to reset this one. I think the issue is regarding BRAVE notifications in Windows incl. google Calendar.

looks like I am not the only one: Brave Browser Not Showing In Windows 10 Notifications, No Ads Showing - #9 by mathiiii
I tried with the test tool and it works for BRAVE in windows notification center:

I tried a different google account but same behavior, no notification in windows center.
I am now thinking of using mircrosoft pre-installed calendar app on windows and add there my google account. Still strange as BRAVE notification works with windows notify center as shown above.
Using latest version: Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit)

It seems to work now:
I did reset on top the permission settings:
Will now monitor it over the next days and will confirm if that finally helped.

Excellent news — please let me know if the issue appears again.

Today it does again not work. Really strange…

Can you please tell me what extensions are installed? I have a sneaking suspicions one of them is causing this conflict.

noscript, metamask, binance wallet, others are disabled. I assume it is about noscript

@Mattches any idea here? When calendar tab is open I even get notified at the google tab, but not in windows center.

I tried everything again. Disable all extensions. Let the google calendar tab open. No notification in windows. But this script works fine:
Really strange.

I have a suspicion that its related to your system rather than the browser. Can you try seeing if you get Windows notifications consistently when using a different browser (ideally something chromium based like Chrome or MS Edge)?

I avoid using other browsers. Chrome I won´t use. Edge I have at least installed. I will try opera first here.

But why is this tool then working with my BRAVE?
There the notification pops up on my windows panel.

I tried with Opera. Same issue here. Bennish tool works, but gmail calendar does not work. Even Opera is enabled in windows:

Strange. It is only related to browser. For other apps I get notifications in Windows.

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