Bad Notifications and Non-notifications

I am a new and frustrated Brave user. My frustration is with notifications. First when using Brave, I get frequent popups that have nothing to do with any site I visit or any topics I care about. They are easy to dismiss, but why am I getting them?

For sites from which I want to receive notifications, such as Google Calendar, I am not getting any. I have listed such sites to “allow” notifications in the advanced browser settings without success.

Suggestions on how I fix this? I am almost ready to declare my experiment with Brave a fail. Thanks for your help.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):*Windows 10; *Brave Version 0.63.48

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Here are some examples of the kinds of unwanted notifications I’m receiving.
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Hi @Merk,

You may have Brave Ads enabled under brave://rewards . If you have this option enabled, Brave will show you Brave Ads as system notification.

If you don’t want it, you can disable it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologize for the inconveniences.


@Merk Can you please double check the settings for google calendar notification? Navigate to brave://settings/content/notifications?search=content check whether google calender is added in the allowed list or not?

If notification checkbox is in ON state and google calendar is added to allowed list you should be able to receive calendar notifications as shown in below image.

Revert back if you are seeing the same issue.


Thank you for taking the time to respond, but my Calendar notifications settings are already set to Allow notifications.

Thank you. That does resolve the popups.

As further feedback, I think the Brave Rewards program is very poorly explained. It is not clear where or how ads will appear, how rewards are accumulated, and what they can be redeemed for. And, yes, I’ve read the link you sent, FAQs and other information I’ve found via the Brave website. It’s all perfectly opaque.


I have read those articles, but the program is still a mess. For instance, I received an alert about a Grant that I received. After opening my Rewards, I was asked to drag a triangle to a square. (I had to repeat it 3 times, before it worked.) Then I received this:

What’s the point?

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