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Hello. I write blog about Brave Browser for Polish people. I’m promoting it via AdWords. Is it in accordance with the regulations? People download brave via my site I have written information on the top my main site “this is not oryginal page of the company, i’m publisher, you can download brave and support me”. I write new content every day about Brave on polish and I’m using AdWords for promotion. Best Regards.


Honest I can’t say but ask @Mattches and @eljuno

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I’ve seen a lot of blocked accounts as cheaters, it seems to me that advertisers are fair if they do not advertise the reference link itself. I am waiting for your opinions.


Most people that were blocked self tipped. And all cases are being reviewed on an individual bases. So we all make our case


You can advertise the your publisher link. That won’t get you in trouble but self tipping would and if you have a huge success with the ad campaign. Good luck and if you run into any problem with payment. Have your proof and receipt that shows you are not guilty of anything and send it to @asad, @steeven and @chriscat they are very helpful

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Thank you, I hope you’re right, I sent them a message with my questions. I try to earn on the Brave blog and I want to do it honestly, I do not want to lose my money