Bidding on Brave Keywords - Allowed or Not?

Admins, I need your attention.

I am using Brave Browser for the last 6 months or so and I fu**ing love it. Ads are blocked by default, speed is great and all the plugins work just like chrome. It’s a shame that I only came to know Brave Browser has a referral program last month.

As for the marketing nerd that I am, I jumped in immediately after reading the publisher terms and service and decided to allot 10k USD budget for Brave Browser promotion. I started bringing users from a plethora of platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc through paid advertisements and have already busted a big portion of my budget. I recently see these discussions on the community forum that users are getting publisher accounts shutdown for bidding on Brave keywords on Google.

Is there any truth to this ?
If it is true, why doesn’t the publisher TOS mention this ?

All the companies with an affiliate program usually mention about this in their TOS. Some companies allow brand bidding while some others don’t, but I still think it is necessary to be transparent to the promoters who are spending both their time and money promoting your product.

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it does, since yesterday. Section 19.4

Duplicate of New TOS No Brave brand bidding