Can I run Google Ads / Bing Ads and promote my Brave Affiliate website?


I am new on brave.

can I promote my brave affilate site on google ads / bing ads ?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, it’s a good question, technically you can, but I’m sure you can’t use “brave” word in your keywords for Google Ads, it’s forbidden now. @steeven should explain it better :slight_smile:

Best Regards.

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Thank you for reply.

So Can I use Brave word in my domain name ? like downloadbrave . com or something like this.

I have used “brave” word in my domain name last year and I haven’t changed it, but now they have new rules, we should wait for reply someone from Brave, it will safer :slight_smile: they don’t recommend it now, I think. Most important rule is don’t use “brave” word in Google Ads keywords. @steeven could you help?

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