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Can I direct traffic from Google ads to a direct link. That is, without redirecting from the site. But I have a website and I want to advertise this link directly

Hi @VVendetta13,

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To confirm, are you asking whether or not you can run Google ads with your direct referral link?

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yes, can i advertise this link via google ads directly, without my site?

Will you answer? i’ll be waiting

hey Steeven, I am still waiting

Hello @steeven

I would also like to know Brave’s point of view about promoting referral links directly using Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

This is totally fine for most Affiliate Marketing Link, while others, like Amazon Links, require that you do not link to them directly, but instead use Ads to link to a page, displaying your Referral Link.

The key points to consider here are :
-Can the content behind the link be invasive, offensive, hurtful, etc, to anyone (including children) ?
-Can there be financial repercussions for clicking the link and navigating the page behind it?
-There might be more, of course, I’m no expert.

In the case of Amazon, they are a selling platform, and I believe they don’t want to expose any vulnerable audience to this.
In the case of Brave, there is no cost and things can only get better for using Brave instead of other browsers. So I don’t see why sharing direct download links in Ads could be hurtful to anyone… (but again, I’m no expert).

So I’ll wait for a reply, once you guys checked every angles of this.


Hi @VVendetta13 - yes, this is something you can do.

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