Section 19.4: Brave Rewards: Publisher Terms of Service

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I have a question about “ Brave Rewards: Publisher Terms of Service “

I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand it. The section mean when we use ads to promote the referral links that contain keywords "Brave’, “Brave Browser”, “Brave Software” are both disapproved. And we cannot earn rewards from this??

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Isn’t there a referral code or could there be one created for the purposes of advertising that would in turn be a reference for being rewarded for your contribution?

Maybe my understanding is off also as it has been before and will be again for this I can guarantee!

I am advertising referral link for brave.
I would like to ask more about the 19.4 clause of the brave.
I will make a website about brave browser. I will create it as a brave fan page and introduce the brave browser.
I will put a brave download link on my website.
I want to ask that when I advertise my website at google adwords, I can do the following.
1: Can I get the title of my ad?
Example 1: Download Brave Browser | Brave Browser with Adblocker
Example 2: Best browser 2020 | Download Brave Browser
And the keywords when I advertise my website, can I add these keywords: brave, brave browser, brave web browser, brave app, ad blocker
I would like to know exactly how to promote my affiliate referral ads.
(My website has an introduction about brave browser, I created a website like a brave fan page)

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