Brave Referral Program - Brand Bidding

Hello gals and guys, I shared a post here a couple of weeks back asking whether brand bidding is allowed or not since the TOS did not mention about this.

I received an email soon after I posted this question on the forum mentioning that brand bidding is now going to be not allowed and TOS is also getting updated. Soon after I saw this, I paused my campaigns that were bidding on brave brand keywords.

My question is I was running this campaigns for about 1 month before this restriction came into place and I have spent an awful lot of money running these campaigns. My dashboard shows the amount of bat collected without any problem. So is everything going to work out fine and I’m gonna get the bats collected ?

You should get that BAT just fine, as long as you complied with all of our requests to stop bidding and you have an active (not suspended) account.

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I received this email on 17th January from Brave. As soon as I received this email, I stopped all my campaigns bidding on branded keywords.

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