GoDaddy SSL verification seal being blocked

Our SSL certificate is from GoDaddy and when I insert the code to show the security verification, it doesn’t show up on Brave. I pay a lot of money for an extended validation SSL certificate, and it is very important to show that to our customers. I have checked Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It shows up on all those browsers. It just doesn’t show up on Brave. This is the url of the site (it is only a temporary staging site while we redesign the one that is live). The first screenshot shows the footer when viewed in Brave. The second is in Chrome.

I hope you can do something about this. Please don’t tell me to disable blocking of cross-site trackers or something like that. It’s not about me seeing the seal. It’s about everyone else seeing it.


For security reasons we’re blocking in the Disconnect list. Note, this doesn’t make a site or Brave “less secure”, it means we limit the godaddy 3rd-party script from being used.

Less of these 3rd-party script Badges the better and improved privacy.

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