My website shows up when typed into Chrome but, not Brave. Why?

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1 Before I contacted you all has been fixed between both servers from the transfer of domain name from GoDaddy to Kajabi (has SSL certificate) the new domain location for shows up when I type into the search engine for Google Chrome but, not Brave. Why? Thank you.

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Check now… shows up for me…

Hi, Thanks for checking. Which one showed up for you? The old one with me on the road (that is the one that shows up on Brave from GoDaddy) not the new site) that is on Kajabi the new one with the pink background with a client as the intro as shown in the picture? The person who built my new website worked with both sites with all issues resolved on both sides that is why I am reaching out to you to see if there is a setting in Brave I need to change. Thank you for your assistance. Kettlebell Lady Leanne

What I see…

Hi, Thanks for checking. Did you use Brave for the new website to come up with the purple. or Google Chrome? I just checked with Brave but, the old website of myself comes up & only shows up if I use Chrome. I appreciate your help. Leanne

brave. Try clearing your cache in brave… you might be getting cached results… or try in a private window…

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I also see the same site as @megaspaz when I searched for it. He’s also likely correct – try clearing your cache and try searching again.

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I have already cleared the Brave Cached but, I could try clearing it again. The new website comes up when Google Chrome is used but, my concern is for those who want to use Brave like I do once the old website goes down the end of May will no longer be able to find my website.

Should I check with Kajavi Techs to see if Brave can be used or only Google Chrome? If that’s the case I will suggest they get Brave added.

Thanks for your assistance.


To be honest, I still don’t know if I’m getting the right page…if it is the correct page then the question’s been answered, from my perspective. if the question is, why are only you (and yes, potentially others getting the old routing) getting the old page, the only answer i have is routing propagation… Most DNS servers will clean out thier cache quick some might not…

Hi, You’ve answered my question. Thank you for helping me trouble shoot. Evidently even through the Web Master who built my website had tech calls to get the domain name transferred the glitch you mention below is probably what is occurring. I will cut & past your message below & send it to GoDaddy & Kajabi techs for them to get this sorted out.

Thanks again for your assistance. I really like Brave & so glad you were available when I needed to change from Fire Fox because stopped blocking the junk like Brave does.

Kettlebell Lady Leanne

My pleasure. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any further questions or concerns.