Domain HTTPS verification doesnt work



Hello Everyone.

Today I tried to register my Domain ( for Brave Rewards. Sadly, at the verification step it fails with the following Error: The following error was encountered: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed

Even though my Domain and webspace is using HTTPS (see screenshot) (sorry for German in the picture…)

Anything you can recommend me to do to fix the issue?


Here’s a small update:
Instead of the known hosts file verification I used the DNS entry to verify my domain and it worked. My homepage is now listed as a verified channel in my dashboard.

If I visit my homepage however, BraveRewards still tells me that the domain is not verified yet. Any clues?


Hi @JuM1697,

Once you finished verify your site, then it should be done/verified.

It may take 48hours before your Brave update it (to fetch the latest publishers list) – re: unverified status on Rewards panel.



so you think I just need to wait in worst case 48h and it’ll be visible on the homepage too?



Hi again…

48h should be over by now and if I visit my domain it is still referred as not verified by Brave. In my Dashboard its still shown as successfull verified Channel. Any clues?



I can confirm you are verified with the Brave server. Individual browsers will pick up the verification status over time as they download the new verification list. The browser downloads the updated verification list once every 48h (a new patch will make it once every 24h, as it should be):


If you are computer savvy, you can go into your brave-browser folder, and then under /default, there is a file called publishers_list. You can check how recent that file is and if your domain is listed inside it. If you want to try and force it to update, you can try to rename it, delete it, etc. and restart the browser. You will eventually see a new version of it popup as the browser will download a fresh version of the list.



Thank you so much for your reply! It worked now and my Domain is shown as verified Brave Site. This topic can be closed now

Thanks again

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